Andrew is the founder of Castle Radio FM which he formed in 2011 and started broadcasting in the local area of Castillo de la Duquesa to Sabinillas having seen a gap in the market. ” I have a passion for music, it is a major part of my life and has been since childhood when my Mother taught me a little piano then I started playing guitar at 7 years old, I have never looked back”

He was relatively new to broadcasting at the time with only 4 years of broadcasting experience behind him, he is essentially an IT man and website developer.

He has been involved in broadcasting for about 9 years at the time of writing and is an experienced musician used to entertaining crowds.

An ex-military man he is prone to doing things the army way! He says ” I run a tight ship in a relaxed manner”.

Personal Quote: “If I can make just one person smile, or happy through music each day then I am happy that I have done my job and achieved my aim”

Favorite Music: The Blues and Cante Jóndo

Favorite Musician: Eric Clapton

Favorite food: The edible kind

Favorite beverage: Coffee

Favorite Animal: German Shepard Dogs